How to Know If You Need a New or Upgraded Facility

When I served at LifeWay Christian Resources, I regularly recommended Visioneering Studios to church leaders who are considering building or renovating a facility. They do excellent work and they ground their design in the story of what God has done and is doing in the life of each church. When I became the senior pastor at Mariners, I learned that Visioneering designed two of our facilities. I recently went to one of their offices, the one in Orange County, and looked at the original plans and heard the passion of the designers. It was a cool moment of learning for me.

Anyway, that is a long introduction.

Visioneering recently developed a simple calculator to help church leaders evaluate their current or future need for a new facility. is a strategic 20 question feasibility study that will give church leaders key insights into their building readiness. With thousands of possible combinations, this website will produce an 11-page custom report design specifically to help address possible next steps in preparing for a big project.

This report will provide information to inform leaders determine if church is in a good position to begin the process of building. It gives feedback based off your answers that help you know if your church is ready to move forward and take the next step in the process.

The report is full of insights, tips and tools for you and your team to use in preparing for future growth. Buildify will look at the church’s current need when it comes to attendance, your facility, previous campaigns and finances.

Normally priced at $47, the newly released is available to Eric Geiger’s readers for free using this coupon code: EGB19-WDB.

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Eric Geiger
Eric Geiger

Eric Geiger is the senior pastor of Mariners Church in Southern California and the author of several church leadership books.