Digital Inspiration—New AI Tools

Technology has always influenced church communications, from the innovations of radio and television, to the photocopiers that made mass-producing church bulletins possible, and now to the innovations of artificial intelligence or AI that promise to create images, articles, and videos effortlessly, and within minutes. Real life results can vary greatly, and church leaders are encouraged to exercise discernment and caution when utilizing AI applications.

The best way to find out if it’s for you is to jump in and try it. The following are some links to get you started.

  1. AI for writing content. ChatGPT ( has gotten the most press in this area. Type in a request such as “Write a brief description for why people should be in a Bible study group,” as I did recently. I got a useful response in seconds. For short content like this, it can be useful, but I strongly advise against using it (and similar AI programs) to create Bible studies, devotional materials, etc., as the content it generates has no guarantee of truth. 

Additional text creation programs:

*—This breaks its offering down into categories, various kinds of posts for various social media platforms, etc.

*—Claims human-level readability and that it’s not detectable as AI writing

  1. AI for images. If you are already using Canva ( in your church communications ministry, it has a useful and easy-to-try AI tool in its “Text to Image” app. Sometimes, the results have little to do with the prompt you entered, and it isn’t good at creating people. However, I have found it useful for patterned backgrounds and simple images. Use this link for dozens of free ones I created and a video that shows how I did it.

Additional AI image creation tools:

*—free, similar quality to what Canva produces.

These two are more advanced, time-consuming and costly, but can result in high-quality images:

* Dall-E 2 (

* Midjourney ( 

  1. AI for video creation. In reality, all video creation tools online use some sort of artificial intelligence. I’ve recently been testing them, and one that stands out is It is the easiest video creation tool I’ve ever used, and within minutes you can record a video, screencast or any combination thereof, in any size. Plus, it has a built-in teleprompter, caption generator and many more tools.

Additional video creation programs include: 

*—Also includes many image-editing features, worth checking out 

*—Creates slide decks

*—Creates videos from blogs

AI seems magical. In reality, its results are simply the compilation of content and actions from the web. It has no mind of its own—it is us, the good and the bad, truth and lies. There is no fact-checking against biblical truth or objective checking for any reality in it. 

AI can be a useful servant and, as we do with all our communication projects, we need to pray for wisdom and discernment, remembering that the God who created the galaxies with a word isn’t at all surprised by the wonders of AI.

Yvon Prehn
Yvon Prehn

Yvon Prehn is the founder and director of Effective Church Communications and is the primary content creator and editor of training materials on church communications. For over 20 years she traveled and taught church communication ministry, skills, and strategy at seminars, conferences, and national conventions all over North America.