Books by Dan Kimball

"They Like Jesus But Not the Church" and other books on emerging generations

Sacred SpaceSacred Space:
A Hands-on Guide to Creating Multisensory Worship Experiences for Youth Ministry
By Dan Kimball and Lilly Lewin (Zondervan, 2008)

This book provides ideas to help students engage in Scripture and apply the lesson to their own lives. You’ll find step-by-step instructions to create the space and experience necessary to draw your students into the Scripture. Through art, listening, writing and multisensory prayer, your student’s will experience God’s Word in a new way. 

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They Like JesusThey Like Jesus But Not the Church:
Insights From Emerging Generations
By Dan Kimball (Zondervan, 2007)

An overview of the most common objections emerging generations have with church and Christianity along with the biblical answers to these objections and examples of how churches are facing this challenge. It addresses the perception that the church is judgmental, political, organized religion, homophobic, arrogant toward other religions, and fundamentalist in how the Bible is used.

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Listening to the BeliefsListening to the Beliefs of Emerging Generations:
Five Perspectives
By Mark Driscoll, John Burke, Dan Kimball and Doug Pagitt (Zondervan, 2007)

Five contributors share their varying theological beliefs and how they flesh them out in their lives and churches. 

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Emerging WorshipEmerging Worship:
Creating Worship Gatherings for Emerging Generations
By Dan Kimball, David Crowder and Sally Morgenthaler (Zondervan, 2004)

A complete guide to developing an alternative worship service for the younger, emerging generation. This book looks at several churches that are rethinking how churches go about their worship on weekends in community.

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Emerging ChurchThe Emerging Church:
Vintage Christianity for New Generations
By Dan Kimball (Zondervan, 2003)

This book explores the cultural changes impacting churches and offers practical advice on how they can creatively reach emerging generations. It features commentary by Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Howard Hendricks, Sally Morgenthaler, Chip Ingram and Mark Oestreicher. 

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