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Pastors Encourage Racial Reconciliation, Churchgoers Want More Diversity in the Church

Compared to a 2016 Lifeway Research study, more pastors are socializing with neighbors of other ethnicities (70% v. 57%), discussing the issue with church leaders (63% v. 51%), meeting regularly with pastors of other ethnicities (46% v. 40%), and investing church funds in changing local economic inequalities (44% v. 31%).

Research: Church Closings and the Need for More New Churches

In 2019 church closings outpaced church openings.

Research: U.S. Church Attendees Plan to Return Post-Pandemic

When COVID-19 is no longer an active threat to people’s health, 91% plan to attend in-person worship services at least as often as they did before the coronavirus pandemic. That includes almost a quarter (23%) who plan to attend more than they did previously.

Majority of Churchgoers Proud of Church’s Pandemic Response

Almost 9 in 10 Protestant churchgoers (86%) say they are proud of how their church has responded during the coronavirus pandemic, with 58% strongly agreeing.

ECFA Releases Research on Financial Outlook for Churches and Nonprofits

“Remarkable Resiliency” is based on 1,292 survey responses.

Study: Half of U.S. Protestant Pastors Hear Conspiracy Theories in Their Own Churches

49% of U.S. Protestant pastors say they frequently hear members of their congregation repeating conspiracy theories they have heard about why something is happening in our country.

Are Church Leaders Losing Gen Z?

Faith leaders can still become the trusted mentors that young people desperately need right now.

How Secularism and Church Diversity Will Intersect

As the world becomes more secular and diverse, the church will need to grow more diverse while maintaining our conviction.