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Navigating Injustice: A Closer Look at Race, Faith and Mental Health

Young BIPOC are slightly more religious than their White peers, with 37% reporting that they are moderately or very religious compared to 34% of White young people. Black young people report the highest rates of religiosity, with 46% indicating they are moderately or very religious.

Creating an Anti-Racist Organization

Why cultural intelligence is key to cultivating an anti-racist team.

Will This Season Be a Moment or a Movement for Justice?

"Our hope, then, must be marked by a courage which compels us to stand up amid apathy and violence and be counted among the disturbers of a false peace."

Beyond Our Family Feud

Excerpted from 'Permission to Be Black' (IVP)

In Search of Empathy

How my struggles with infertility and miscarriages helped me better understand the experiences of those who deal with racism

Jemar Tisby: How to Fight Racism

Courageous Christianity and the Journey Toward Racial Justice (Zondervan)

How Would Martin Luther King Jr.’s Message Be Received Today?

Would King’s 'Letter From a Birmingham Jail' speak as powerfully to our current culture?

Why the Jews and Samaritans Give Us Hope for Healing Our Racial Divisions

Wisdom for our current age from Luke and Acts