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What the Book of Proverbs Tells Us About Wisdom

Wisdom is about reality. It’s about real-life decision-making in real-life situations. And that is, indeed, a powerful thing.

Look to Proverbs for Leadership Training

Leadership has to start with leading yourself well. You may be skilled, charismatic, or gifted, and those things may serve you well and advance your influence. Nevertheless, those abilities will only get you so far if you have not cultivated integrity.

10 Proverbs for Wise Social Media Use

How to make sure the benefits outweigh the costs

A Proverbial Path to Decision Making

The only way to get wisdom is through ... seeking wisdom.

10 Steps Toward Self-Control

It can be hard to gauge if your growing in self-control; here, from Proverbs, are 10 characteristics of people who demonstrate it.

Four Lessons I’ve Learned About Money From Proverbs

Great financial advice straight out of the Bible.