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Reach a Whole Region

Local networks were how the early church spread outward. To see the same spread and gospel saturation of Christianity today, planters must think beyond their own church plants and imagine networks of churches.

Peyton Jones: Reimagining Church Planting—Part 1

“I had mistaken church starting for church planting. And that distinction made all the difference.”

Peyton Jones: Empowering Every Believer—Part 2

“If ministry really became about discipleship, that would transform everything about how we truly plant.”

Peyton Jones: Church Plantology

The Art and Science of Planting Churches (Zondervan)

Church Planting Versus Church Starting

Excerpted from 'Church Plantology'

We Are What They Grow Beyond

The metric of our success should be the depth of discipleship cultivated in our people.

Peyton Jones: The Lost Art of Mission—Part 1

“The church has neutered itself by trying to do ministry behind four walls. The lost art is doing what the apostles and Jesus did.”

Peyton Jones: The Lost Art of Mission—Part 2

"What they want is what the church isn’t offering: mission. If we will lead the way, they will follow."