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10 Charges to All Church Leaders

Ronnie Floyd: "May these things bring encouragement and remind us we are all in this ministry life together."

4 Reasons You Can’t Pastor With a Chip on Your Shoulder

"Chips and ministry don’t work; pastoring with a chip on your shoulder will destroy you."

3 Everlasting Principles of Kingdom Growth

"Make the decision to raise the vintage of the kingdom by taking strategic next steps to see kingdom health in your life."

10 Pastor Habits to Stay Young at Heart

"Some 50-year-olds are young, some are old. Some 60-year-olds are young, some are old. What makes the difference?"

Pastoring CEOs: Discipleship at the Executive Level

The CEO Forum works with Christians at the highest levels of Fortune 500 companies. Here's how they do it.

5 Ways Pastors Unintentionally Cheat on Their Spouses

“The bride of Christ is HIS bride and NOT yours. Pastors, you have your own bride.”

10 Things Pastors Would Love to Hear From Their Church Members

Thom Rainer: "Pastors need numbers of people who will take on the encourager role. The critics will always be there."

All Effective Pastors Share This Leadership Attribute

William Vanderbloemen: "Nobody is a perfect leader, but there is one thing that all successful pastors have in common."