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Nijay Gupta

Jesus and the early Christians taught something different: each person is made in the image of God, God does not pay attention to status, he has no ‘favorites,’ all will face judgment, and all have equal access to divine grace and mercy.

The Strange and Wonderful Sociology of the Early Christians

Prejudice and fear are powerful tools of deformation. The gospel is a potent resource for cultivating a spirit of openness to new things, and for tearing down dividing walls.

David Fitch

Let us examine the way power works and how the church is called to live under a different power.

Ingrid Faro

Through many hardships, I have found that ignoring evil is unproductive.

Scot McKnight: A Church Culture of Goodness

What churches need is goodness.

The Virus and the Church

How church leaders responded during the early stages of the pandemic.

The Jesus Creed

We do not love until we listen.

Finding a Pastor’s State of Mind

We are witnessing the renewal of the church.