Ingrid Faro

Demystifying Evil
IVP Academic, 2023
By Ingrid Faro

WHO: Ingrid Faro, coordinator of the MA in Old Testament program and visiting professor at Northern Seminary in Lisle, Illinois.

SHE SAYS: “Through many hardships, I have found that ignoring evil is unproductive.”

THE BIG IDEA: This biblical and personal exploration of what evil is looks at the power of evil to shatter our lives, but never loses sight of Who has the last word.

THE PROGRESSION: In Part 1, “Wrestling With Evil,” defines evil biblically and distinguishes between evil, suffering and pain. In Part 2, “Natural Causes,” looks at the cosmic seed and natural evil.

Part 3, “Human Causes,” is an honest look at how we participate in evil and in good. “Unseen Causes” is a deep dive into the spiritual forces at work in our world.

The book concludes with Part 5, “God at Work,” shows readers that God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness abound.

“The goal of demystifying evil is to expose its sources, strip it of its power, and thereby to empower us to take action to prevent or reverse its blows—and turn entrapment into freedom, and mourning into joy.”