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Focus on Your Ministry Now for the New Year

God has an incredible plan for the local church. As the world moves closer and closer to a post-Christian world, the local church will have to adhere to its core values to stay true to God's Word and the calling placed on the church's mandate from God.

3 Biblical Resolutions for Your Church to Adopt in the New Year

Insights from the early church that still resonate for the church today.

Check Your Speed

A lot of leaders are running at a faster and harder pace than their teams or congregations can match, which could create more issues than it solves.

The Top 7 Changes Pastors Plan to Make in the New Year

What changes would you add to the list?

Finding a New Rhythm in the New Year

Year-end reflections from a missions pastor sparked by time away from ministry

How to Be a Strong Leader in 2021

5 steps to better leadership in the new year

7 Things I Expect for the Church in the New Year

My predictions for the church this year

Resolving to Trust God in the New Year

Faith versus willpower for the new year