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Alliance Redwoods Builds Spiritual Bridges in Sonoma County

“This is a safe place for people who are post-evangelical or spiritual nones with a spiritual hunger. We call it a place of re-creation.”

Big Plans for Small Spaces

Planning your small church space down to the smallest details can help you thoughtfully maximize the available square footage. A great design that’s both functional and attractive doesn’t require a large budget.

Tell Your Story as a Church Plant

Showcase your church’s identity through a connected story as you plant and water the early seeds of ministry.

A Call to Be Brave

Every detail, down to the durable building materials we highlighted (concrete, wood and metal), signified strength and steadiness.

A Light in Lake County

CCC doesn’t just operate as an arm of one church. Instead, it partners with churches and cause-oriented organizations across Lake County.

Church of DREAMs

Since Oak Ridge couldn’t build out from its existing property, church leaders looked elsewhere.

An Orchard of Grace

Grace City Church Cultivates Community in the Apple Capital of the World

Reimagining The Reef

We wanted to create a memorable and exciting space using advanced technology and a gaming environment that the kids could be a part of. Rather than simply watching the fish, kids would be able to join a gamified experience.