Leadership Essentials

In the Sept/Oct 2014 issue: Developing World-Changing Leaders; Succeeding at Succession; Becoming a Millennial Leader; The Changing American Seminary; and the Outreach Interview with Judah Smith

Inside the Sept/Oct Issue

Leadership Essentials

“Millennials don’t want to learn to live like Jesus by sitting in a chair sipping over-caffeinated drinks. They want to get into the world and see if faith actually works out there,” writes James Choung, InterVarsity’s national director for evangelism, in the Sept/Oct Outreach. His feature, “Lead Forward,” explores what it takes to develop world-changing leaders in a postmodern culture.

We’re talking about the essentials of leadership, but we’re also talking about leadership as an investment we must make in the emerging generation. Warren Bird reminds us that there is no success without a successor. “Succession planning,” he writes, “is more urgent than you think and more important than you have imagined.”

Brad Lomenick of Catalyst explains eight essentials of leadership, those traits that characterize good leaders who are able to replicate ministry in the lives of others. Robert Crosby underscores the indispensible characteristic of leaders that inspires followers today: the ability not only to talk about teamwork, but actually work in the context of team. Judah Smith reflects on the priorities of pastoral leadership in the context of outreach and seminary leaders discuss the changes reshaping higher education.

It’s an issue you won’t want to miss.

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Lead Forward

The history of Christianity is like a relay race with one generation passing the baton to the next. As American evangelicals, are we already bumbling the pass?

Succeeding at Succession

Here’s the hard truth: There is no success without succession. Succession planning is more urgent than you think and more important than you have imagined.

From Outreach Magazine  Small Church America

The Millennial Leader

If you want this generation to follow, you have to become a teaming leader. Here’s what that looks like.

Judah Smith: The Interview

A year before his death at age 60, Wendell Smith handed the leadership of City Church to his son, Judah. What happened next is a story of grace, and the love of two fathers.

ALSO: 8 Essentials of Leadership, Reinventing Seminary, Prayer and Church Planting and much more.

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