Small Church America

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Small Church America

“The size of a church does not determine its health, but a church’s health can determine its size,” says Outreach columnist Ed Stetzer, kicking off the annual Small Church America issue. This year, as in years past, we profile smaller congregations in diverse settings—suburban, rural and urban—and find models of innovation and passion for the community.

Church plant activist Peyton Jones urges readers to think link a planter. He sees shifts in America culture and sees church planters at the vanguard of ministry. He points to four essentials to show how a church-plant mindset can change even the established church.

For The Outreach Interview, we turned to seminary prof, pastor and church plant coach David Fitch, a champion of community-minded small churches. He is quick to point out that increasing numbers can actually hamper outreach, if we allow the details of organizing and operating the big church machine to distract us from living the presence of Christ out there, in the community.

The Small Church America issue is always a highlight, with page after page of perspective, resources and advice for navigating the small church experience. And it is a voice of balance in the church landscape that so easily applauds anything large. When our task is to reach the world, there’s no premium on remaining small. But when we leverage the advantages of innovation, fluidity and intimacy for the sake of the gospel, we can expect big things to happen, regardless of our size.

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Think Like a Planter

Four Essentials for Every Pastor: Peyton Jones draws lessons from the Church Planter’s Survival Guide.

David Fitch: The Interview

From Wall Street broker to pastor, church planter, seminary professor and author, David Fitch has a unique perspective on the church. And the surprising advantages of “small.”

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