Small Church America

Inside the July/August issue: Embracing the advantages of small; portraits of creative ministry; moving beyond our obsession with numbers; plus: Eugene Peterson on the church planting journey and the Outreach Interview with Karl Vaters

Inside the July/August 2013 Issue

Small Church America

There are big ideas coming out of Small Church America. In this special issue, we celebrate some of the best and most creative of them.

In “Innovative Small Churches,” Brandon J. O’Brien writes of the cost-effective power of new technology; the power of focused small church ministry; the opportunity for intergenerational community; the sense of intimacy that comes from a smaller setting where people are known, particularly as they walk through the dark times. O’Brien calls us to seize the opportunities that come with ministry in a smaller setting.

In “Small Church Portraits,” we celebrate specific ministries that may serve as a helpful template or idea starter for other similar churches. And Greg Surratt gives practical pointers for the first two years; Richard Foster reminds us of the metrics that matter most; Eugene Peterson takes us on his own early ministry church planting journey; and in the Outreach Interview, Karl Vaters takes a decided different look at what we can learn from “large” and “small.”

Dig in. For encouragement. And for wise counsel and church-tested ideas.

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Innovative Small Churches

Rather than a deficiency to remedy, “small” can be a unique advantage to embrace. Here are five reasons why.

Portraits of Small Church America

A celebration of 9 creative small-church ministries–from adopting a shopping mall to reaching the outcasts; from birthing disciples for outreach to opening the church doors to bikers or cowpokes.

Your First Two Years

Greg Surratt of Seacoast Church presents a field guide to good beginnings; practical advice on making the most of your first two years at a new churcch or church plant.

From Outreach Magazine  Special Report: The Bible and the Church

Karl Vaters: The Interview

The pastor of 200-member Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Fountain Valley, Calif., looks at big churches, small churches and the small thinking that divides them.

ALSO: Richard Foster on what we measure in the church; Eugene Peterson on his own church plant journey; six large-church pastors on their small-church roots; new life for small groups; the strong foundation for a viable church plant; and much more

Plus, in Each Issue of Outreach

PULSE: We take the pulse of outreach today as we report on what churches are doing to connect with their communities.

IDEAS: Church-tested ideas for seasonal and targeted ministries for any church, any size

VOICES: Trends and commentary on culture, faith and thought

COLUMNS: Perspective on outreach from Ed Stetzer, Dan Kimball, Bobby Gruenewald, Brad Powell and Eugene Cho.

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