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5 Ways to Bring People Together, Not Divide Them

Forgiveness is the force that breaks down the walls of division and unifies people at a heart level. Over time, this impacts the whole organization or larger community in a positive way.

Do You Suspect There’s Dissension Brewing?

Look around to see who in the church is protecting something. The bad leader who threatens to create a ruckus if you really ask him to step down. The leadership team that rebels against sharing any of their power.

4 Ways to Successfully Lead Through Adversity

Disagreements in years past would have been kept inside the church, but with the advent of social media, negative feelings spread like wildfire to a broader audience. While leaders cannot control what others say, they can control how they react.

Tips for Leaders to Manage Conflict

Hint: It Can Be Healthy If Handled Correctly

5 Tips When Conflict Develops on a Team

Advice for those times when a leader needs to step in to resolve team conflict.