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How Much Shut-Eye Do You Get?

When we don’t get adequate sleep we can become more rigid in our thinking and less adaptable. Rigid thinking impairs good decision making.

Do You Recognize These Symptoms of Stress?

Prolonged stress makes you more forgetful.

Leaders, What Does Stress Look Like to You?

The ideal level of challenge in your leadership is where you think your best thoughts, pray your deepest prayers, discover great ideas and solutions, your relationships are solid, and you are making measurable progress.

How Your Pressure Shapes Your Leadership

Chronic stress leaves the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body and brain for extended periods of time (as well as imbalancing brain chemicals called neurotransmitters).

5 Easy Tips to Avoid Youth Pastor Stress and Exhaustion

Many youth leaders get discouraged and quit because they don’t have a vision worth staying for or, if they do have a vision, a strategy for accomplishing it.

10 Danger Zones for Pastors

It’s the young minister who is more likely to try to brave it out alone. It’s the young pastor who is more prone to end up a victim instead of a victor.

Why Stress Makes a Leader

Excerpted from 'Tempered Resilience' (IVP) by Tod Bolsinger

How to Manage Your Stress as a Leader

Ask someone how they’re doing. The common response: “I’m good, thanks!” Here’s the more candid version I’m hearing these days. “I think I’m pretty good, but I’m...