Tag: Leadership Mentoring

Leadership Mentoring: The Perils of Performing

"Performing for the crowd is a temptation for many in ministry and can easily pollute our motives and distort our character."

Leadership Mentoring: Giving Ministry Away

"Giving ministry away to others is critical to a leader’s health and sanity, as well as essential for church health and expansion."

Leadership Mentoring: Emotional Resilience

"Leaders must have emotional resilience—the ability to recover quickly from failure and defeat."

Leadership Mentoring: The Fear of Man

"This is a constant temptation in ministry. We want to be liked. We hate being misunderstood or seen as 'the bad guy.'"

Leadership Mentoring: Inviting a Response

"I could trust that God was doing the heavy lifting of drawing people to himself. I would simply join him in the work!"