Stephen Ko

Faith Embodied
Zondervan Reflective, 2024
By Stephen Ko

WHO: Stephen Ko, senior pastor at New York Chinese Alliance Church and an adjunct professor at Alliance Theological Seminary. 

HE SAYS: “Not only are incarnational health, worship, and living possible, they are God’s good design.” 

THE BIG IDEA: How to live and worship incarnationally and glorify God with our bodies.

THE PROGRESSION: In 10 chapters, the author takes readers through how their senses relate to aspects of worship. He also explains that faith, science and medicine are not incompatible. He argues that by increasing our awareness of the world around us, including biological processes within our bodies, we can make better choices that positively impact the world.

“Only in eternity will illness and disease cease to exist and our bodies be made whole. Yet incarnational health choices are a reflection of the resurrection today.” 

Stephen Ko
Stephen Ko

Stephen Ko is senior pastor of New York Chinese Alliance Church in Manhattan. Formerly, he worked as a medical officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He is the author of Faith Embodied: Glorifying God with Our Physical and Spiritual Health (Zondervan).