Bob Branch

Find Your Voice, Awaken Your Heart, Change the World

"You were created to speak up for God in some arena. Now is the time to find your voice and let your heart be awakened."

Leadership Mentoring: The Perils of Performing

"Performing for the crowd is a temptation for many in ministry and can easily pollute our motives and distort our character."

Leadership Mentoring: Giving Ministry Away

"Giving ministry away to others is critical to a leader’s health and sanity, as well as essential for church health and expansion."

Leadership Mentoring: Emotional Resilience

"Leaders must have emotional resilience—the ability to recover quickly from failure and defeat."

Leadership Mentoring: The Fear of Man

"This is a constant temptation in ministry. We want to be liked. We hate being misunderstood or seen as 'the bad guy.'"

Leadership Mentoring: Inviting a Response

"I could trust that God was doing the heavy lifting of drawing people to himself. I would simply join him in the work!"

The Worship Swing-Vote Principle: A Divine Partnership

"We must seek God for his leadership, both in preparation and in delivering the worship leading we prepare."

The Worship Swing-Vote Principle: Maximizing Engagement

"Over the years, I have talked to many worship leaders who are perplexed when the worship time feels flat."