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A Letter to Leaders Who Have Been Hurt

God’s heart is one of grace, and grace is not the soft side of truth. Forgiveness doesn’t lower God’s standards, it elevates his love.

When the Mental Load is Affecting Your Leadership

Toward the end of the day or a week when a leader has had to make too many decisions, he may find himself losing his cool more easily, flying off the handle, or saying thing things he shouldn’t.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Lead

7 Counterintuitive Reasons There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Leader

What to Do When You Encounter an Unsolvable Problem

Four guidelines for leaders when there’s a baffling issue that can’t be ignored.

The Biggest Challenge Leaders Face

Taking control of this facet of leadership will help you become that much more decisive and effective as a leader.

5 Unique Challenges of Leadership in the Social Media Age

Here are some of the temptations for leaders living in a digital age.

Carey Nieuwhof: Being a Pastor Almost Killed Me—Part 1

I learned a hard lesson about leadership when I spiraled into burnout.

Carey Nieuwhof: Prepared for the Challenge—Part 2

Helping church leaders overcome the seven greatest challenges of leadership.