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Outreach Resources of the Year: Apologetics

Chatraw and Allen break new ground in apologetics by looking back in "The Augustine Way." Both authors apply recent work on theological retrieval to the field of apologetics, using Augustine’s writings amid societal upheaval to shed light on our own culture.

21st Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

The Outreach Resources of the Year honors the past year’s best books that emphasize outreach-oriented ideas. You will discover valuable tools that belong on your bookshelf, that you will reach for time and again as they enhance your effectiveness in ministry through the years.

This Isn’t How They Told Us It Would Be

If you are no longer sure if you can believe in God, or if you’re beginning to doubt Christianity, we don’t assume you’ve lost your mind.

Joshua D. Chatraw and Jack Carson

In what follows you will find ways of thinking differently, practices to engage in, and better questions to attend to.

18th Annual Celebration of the Best

Outreach Magazine Names Resources of the Year

The Paleo-Baptist Option

An alternative to the Benedict Option for navigating post-Christian America.

Being Faithful and Flexible in Presenting the Gospel

When sharing our faith, we must adapt to cultural considerations while remaining faithful to the true gospel.