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Joby Martin: Creating a Launchpad for Ministry—Part 1

“We needed to see our church like an aircraft carrier—a place from which to launch people to the frontlines.”

Joby Martin: Laying the Groundwork for Revival—Part 2

“If you were God, based on what your church is doing with the resources he’s brought your way, would you give you more?”

A Church for All People: The Church of Eleven22

Jacksonville church gets back to the basics of missional living.

Outreach 100 Consortium: What I’m Learning

Outreach 100 pastors share their thoughts on church growth, discipleship, outreach and faithful ministry.

Joby Martin: The Gospel Is Our Only Hope

“I don’t think ‘spiritual leadership’ is a phrase that helps us.”

Joby Martin: ‘Walk With Neither a Swagger nor a Limp’

“It’s my experience that it’s impossible to win over your enemies; you win over your friends.”