Brian Tome: Crossroads, Cincinnati

The senior pastor of one of the largest churches in America, Brian Tome reflects on lessons learned in minstry.

BRIAN TOME is the senior pastor, Crossroads, Cincinnati, a 2011 Outreach 100 church (No. 21 Largest).


On Finding Balance
In the first 10 years of ministry, there wasn’t a lot of pleasure in my life, and I made a real mistake there.

We’ve Not Arrived
I’ve never felt that we are fully meeting the needs of our community. I have moments when I’ve felt like we’ve grown, but I’ve yet to feel like we have arrived in that area.

Growing Leaders
A few years ago, I asked our staff team to stand if they had come to know Christ through Crossroads. When the majority stood, I realized we were on the right track. If your leaders are not indigenous to the community in which you reside, and if they were not far from God before your church got there, you aren’t missional.

The Measure of Success
At the end of the day, I measure success by asking myself, Is the city where I reside closer to representing the kingdom of God?

Something I’ve Learned About People
Everybody wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves—whether they are believers or unbelievers. If your church is shown to have a positive impact on the world, people will sacrifice and be excited.

It’s About the Vision
Have a clear vision. Bend everything in your life and ministry around that, and don’t be discouraged when hard decisions are made or people leave as a result of that vision. It’s a sign that it’s from God, and you are faithful. That’s the most important ministry lesson I’ve learned.

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