Brad Powell: NorthRidge Church, Plymouth, Mich.

BRAD POWELL is senior pastor of NorthRidge Church in Plymouth, Mich.

CONNECTION TO OUTREACH MAGAZINE: Brad is a contributing editor, whose question-and-answer column, “Leading Change,” appears in each issue.

BRAD SAYS: “Nothing in the world is more relevant than God’s Word. Nothing. There has never been a more relevant spiritual teacher in the history of the world than Jesus. So it follows that the Church, called to represent Christ and teach God’s Word, should be the most relevant group of people on earth.”

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BIO: The senior pastor of NorthRidge Church in Plymouth and Salina, Mich., Brad Powell’s ministry purpose focuses on three areas of impact: life change, leader change and church change. His passion lies in helping churches realize their full potential and leading them to transition from where they are to where God is uniquely calling them to be. He is a conference speaker at both national and international leadership events. Brad shares real life examples, inspiring stories and his own experience with leading transition ministries of various shapes, sizes and philosophies. He writes a regular leadership blog on his Web site,, and has authored Change Your Church for Good (Nelson). NorthRidge Church is No. 15 on the 2009 Outreach 100 list of Largest Churches in America.

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