Church Connects Inner-City Youth With Role Models

Vision Church in North Carolina takes people in the inner city from enablement to empowerment.

Church Helps Bring Systemic Change for Disconnected Youth

ReCity, a ministry of The Summit Church, helps organizations collaborate to reach at-risk youth in the community.

California Church Embraces Homeless Ministry by Young Man With Autism

20-year-old man launches ministry that provides homeless people with bags of food, tissues and hand sanitizer.

Indiana Church Empowers Teen Girls to Make Wise Choices

Girls Nite In ministry gathers middle school, high school and college-aged girls every month for fun and discussion.

5 Spring Break Ideas for Youth Ministries

Five activities for each of the weekdays during spring break to keep your teens connected and active.

4 Things Every Youth Pastor Must Do Before the New Year

"As you wrap up another year, I hope you are encouraged by what God has done and challenged by what he’s shown you."

Ministry Brings the Gospel to Skateboarding Teens in Florida

Life Point, a nonprofit ministry, opens space for teens to skateboard and offers Bible study.

Michigan Church Reaches Millennials With Weekly, Fun-Filled Parties

Ministry at Cornerstone Church in Highland Township hosts weekly "God Parties" for young adults age 18 to 39.

Teens and Social Media: 7 Tips for Youth Pastors

Some ways students can infuse their faith and exemplify Christ in their social media interactions—without being weird or pushy!

3 Things Every Youth Pastor Needs to Know About the Election

"Whether or not you plan for it, current events will affect your students."