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Service Projects

Helping AIDS Caregivers: New Hope Community Church in California

Partner with World Vision to support care providers overseas

Try This: Offer Rides Home on New Year’s Eve

Give revelers safe and easy ways to get home from parties.

Try This: Teach Teens Babysitting Skills

Your children’s ministry volunteers can be a powerful link to local teens who want to learn proper child care techniques.

Grief Ministry Offers Hope and Healing Through Facebook

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Arkansas creates online support community for those dealing with grief.

Arkansas Church Helps Community Members Expunge Criminal Records

Saint Mark Baptist Church helps members improve their chances of securing jobs, housing and education.

Philadelphia Church Adopts a Grass-Roots Approach to Community Outreach

Members at St. James UMC embrace all means possible to find out what the community wants and needs.

Try This: Scavenger Hunt to Help the Homeless

Creatively modify a traditional pastime to benefit the less fortunate.

Try This: Connection Card Contributions

Give money to a local charity for each connection card you receive from first-time guests.

Creating Community With Dinner and a Movie: Church of the Covenant in Michigan

A small church's monthly potluck and movie event brings a community together.

College Outreach Ministers to Intoxicated Students: How One Church Does It

The ministry at Brockport United Methodist Church serves more than 300 students each night.