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Houston Church’s Social-Impact Initiative Creates a Launch Pad for Outreach

First Presbyterian Church connects gospel-minded entrepreneurs to the social and financial areas of the church.

Try This: Lawnmower Challenge

Help people, especially seniors and single moms, keep up with summer yard care.

Selling Bottled Water to Fund Water Wells: Chicago First Church of the Nazarene

Use Americans’ fascination with bottled water to provide clean water overseas.

Teens Partnerning Up for Service: Meadowlake Presbyterian in North Carolina

Black and white teens team up to serve and discover they're not so different.

Volunteer Ministry’s Music Has Transformative Effect on Seniors and the Disabled

St. Paul of the Cross Catholic Church's music ministry enlivens disadvantaged patients in Illinois.

California Church Embraces Homeless Ministry by Young Man With Autism

20-year-old man launches ministry that provides homeless people with bags of food, tissues and hand sanitizer.

Adopt Local Businesses

Give a token of thanks to the employees of local businesses.

Raising Awareness About Domestic Violence: Highland Park UMC in Texas

Launch a ministry that offers victims support and educates church attendees.

Uniting With Other Local Churches for Outreach: Cross Pointe Community Church in Georgia

How Cross Pointe Community Church in Aragon, Ga., demonstrates Jesus' love to its community in a no-pressure way

Honolulu Church Plant Provides Rehabilitative Employment

Bluewater Mission opens restaurant to care for those affected by human trafficking, incarceration and homelessness.