Seniors Creating Quilts for Comfort: Christ United Church in Ontario, Canada

A tiny group of seniors blesses hundreds of recipients of its handmade prayer quilts.

A Canadian couple was engaged in a desperate court battle to complete their adoption of an infant boy when his birth mother decided she wanted him back. It was then that they received a prayer quilt from Christ United Church in Lyn, Canada. The very next day, a judge awarded the couple custody.

Liz Healy, a member of the church and chairwoman of The Bee’s Knees prayer quilt ministry, says it’s one example of many miracles connected to the ministry.

“It just gives us shivers, the things people have told us,” Healy says, noting their prayer quilts have traveled the globe and prompted many praiseworthy stories in return.

The Bee’s Knees consists of about 20 elderly women. It was launched six years ago for the church’s seniors to enjoy camaraderie and touch lives for Christ. The Canadian group is affiliated with the continually growing Prayers & Squares senior ministry launched at Hope United Methodist Church in San Diego two decades ago.

The Bee’s Knees members leave about 50 loose ends on each quilt they make, and once a month during a Sunday service the congregation of about 80 people ties up the loose ends while praying specifically for each quilt’s intended receiver.

The quilts give comfort to the sick or those who have lost loved ones, provide a sense of safety during travels, bring hope in hard times, protect teens as they head off to college and offer many other blessings, Healy says.

The group’s motto is “It’s not about the quilts—it’s about the prayers,” and to date they’ve handed out 227 quilts.

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“It’s amazing the outreach that has come about through this from our little church,” Healy says.

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