6 Steps to Success with Churchwide Campaigns

Rallying attendees behind a common study topic helps church grow

Churchwide campaigns at New Song Community Church in Oceanside, Calif., have often produced surges in attendance at worship services and small groups that helped the church grow. Six factors significantly contribute to an effective campaign. Begin planning now as you work through your preaching calendar.


(1) Strategic timing. Launch campaigns at strategic times of the year, such as fall (late September to November), when people are home from vacations and wanting to learn.


(2) Top-down buy-in. The campaign’s subject, style and purpose must resonate with the leader. Otherwise, people sense the lack of passion, and the campaign doesn’t work.


(3) Right length. The best campaigns generally run four to six weeks—about as long as people can sustain attention and enthusiasm.


(4) Daily readings. Short, daily readings put everyone on the same page throughout the campaign.


(5) Visual branding. Build momentum each week leading up to the campaign. Place banners or posters in the lobby and show slides of the book cover during announcements. Visual branding reinforces the idea that the series is important.


(6) Affordable price. If the book and group study materials cost more than $12, some people will opt out, which defeats the idea of an all-church campaign.


Hal Seed is lead pastor of New Song Community Church in Oceanside, Calif.

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