Idea Starter: A Photo Booth to Create Buzz

Create themed photo booths in your church lobby and encourage attendees to take their pictures in them and post the photos to social media.

 “We stumbled across the simplest way to get tons of people to engage with our Facebook page. It took almost no money and only a few hours to set up and get supplies—a photo booth! The response was crazy. Everyone made the photos their profile pictures. It was such a success that we did it again with a Duck Dynasty photo booth. A Facebook page with 122 likes reached over 1,400 people. It’s awesome knowing the students who come to our youth group are sharing images with friends and family. It also created a buzz in the community about what is happening in our youth ministry. Now we plan to do it a few times a year.”

Kolby Milton, Youth worker, British Columbia, Canada,


1. Get a backdrop. You can make it with PVC piping and sheets.

2. Use a decent camera. Even an iPhone 5 will work. Test photos first! 

3. Make or purchase cutouts. Consider characters from popular TV shows or movies. 

4. Post the photos on your Facebook page.

5. Encourage everyone to tag people.

From Outreach Magazine  The Life Church: No. 6 Fastest-Growing Church, 2016