Try This: 5 Steps to Creating a Christmas Store for Low-Income Families

Follow the plan of several Chicago-area churches, who served more than 200 families and nearly 550 children.

Wheaton Bible Church, its Hispanic congregation and other Chicago-area churches joined forces last year to open a Christmas store for low-income families. They served more than 200 families—and nearly 550 children received a present.

Follow these steps to create a successful Christmas store.

1. Have people donate toys in the $10 to $30 range for children of all ages.

2. Price the toys at 80 to 90 percent off retail.

3. Set up a “store” where parents can purchase a toy for their child.

4. Have volunteers do the wrapping.

5. Provide hot drinks and snacks for the families and have volunteers get to know them and their stories.

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