Church Live Streaming: 6 Best Practices

Some considerations to ensure your church offers the best live streaming experience for your audiences.

1. Always test before going live.

Whether a novice or a seasoned streamer, ensure that all of your equipment—video, audio and all devices—is online and operational prior to broadcasting a service or event.

2. Limit the access and usage of a computer used for streaming.

If a church is utilizing a computer for streaming purposes, limit both the access to, and handling of, it. Some churches have a limited budget and use computer resources for multiple projects. Limiting the computer’s use to only streaming purposes ensures that the settings and programs used for streaming are not accidentally altered or changed.

3. Schedule adequate time.

Allow enough time before and after your stream to ensure that the entire broadcast is captured. Life happens, and sometimes a service and event may take longer than usual. It’s a shame if an online audience misses a portion of a broadcast. The good news: It’s easy to go back through your online archive and cut off any unnecessary footage if needed.

4. Include the online audience as part of your service.

Acknowledge your online audience. Include your viewers in the welcome greeting. Promoting your live streaming services during your service will also educate church members who may want to re-watch the service again or tune in for more church events.

5. Focus in and get close-up shots of participants.

More for special events like weddings, baptisms and first communions, a streaming experience can be remarkably improved with this added effort. These participants love to watch the event archives and feel the day was even more special by adding this extra touch.

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6. Use social media to spread the word.

Promoting your live and on-demand content on social media, both before and after an event, can help bring more visitors to your website and share the word with your followers.