5 Last-Minute Tips for VBS

How to make the days leading up to VBS more manageable, and possibly even more enjoyable.

The final weeks and days before VBS can be overwhelmingly busy, especially for the director or teacher who feels she is carrying all or most of the responsibility single-handedly. The following tips will not only make the days leading up to VBS more manageable, but possibly even more enjoyable.

1. Give the ministry back to God.

It’s easy to become so wrapped up in the details and responsibilities of VBS we temporarily forget the ministry actually belongs to God. Once ownership is taken we tend to convince ourselves the success or failure of the week rest on our shoulders alone. In doing so we not only create unhealthy stress for ourselves and others, we rob ourselves of the joy of experiencing God’s amazing power working in and through us. Do yourself and the ministry a favor by relinquishing ownership and giving VBS back to God.

2. Enlist a personal prayer warrior.

Knowing someone is praying specifically for you and the tasks you have been given provides a great sense of freedom and power. Enlist a personal prayer warrior who will commit to pray for you daily. Share your needs and concerns and keep your warrior updated. As you and your warrior take specific requests to God you become a team of three. No longer are you carrying the load single-handedly.

3. Overview daily sessions.

Take time, as far in advance of the week of VBS as possible, for a quick overview of each day’s session. Make a mental note of the daily themes and Bible stories. Ask God to allow the Bible truths and daily life applications to become real in your own life so that you will be able to teach the truths with fresh and personal experience.

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4. Create lists.

As you overview each session, add information to the following lists: shopping, items to collect from congregation, items from church resource room, items to prepare. Your goal is to minimize time and the number of trips needed to gather supplies and prepare teaching items.

5. Take a deep breath.

Finally, take a few moments to breath and relax. If necessary, schedule the time in your calendar. Spend the time thanking God that he is in control of VBS and for allowing you the awesome privilege of reaching boys and girls, teens and adults with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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