It’s Not Too Early: Build Your VBS Team Now

The success of VBS depends on the success of your volunteer team. Are you ready?

1. Pray before enlisting team members, and then pray for team members regularly.

2. Be interested in them personally, not just the job they can perform. It’s all about relationships.

3. When a team member responds to an idea or responsibility negatively, don’t assume the person’s negative reaction is about you. Do not let negativity derail you, your team meetings and your team.

4. Don’t assume. Ask questions and be genuinely interested in the responses.

5. Humble yourself. Serve your team and respond to their needs.

6. Ask their advice. Accept that you are not always right nor are your ideas always the best.

7. Praise publicly and correct privately. Praise often and correct sparingly.

8. Offer to help get the job done but overcome the temptation to take over.

9. State expectations clearly and seek needed clarification.

10. Remember—God made them in his image … not yours.

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From Outreach Magazine  Media Team: A Great Way to Get Teens Involved in VBS