Try This: 3 Fresh Christmas Message Ideas

Want to give a new focus to your Christmas season services? Peter Mead may have just what you need.

1. Preach all four Gospel introductions.

Introduce people to Matthew’s introduction, then Mark’s—Why no birth narrative? Where was this all headed anyway? Why is Mark 1:1-13 such a stunning intro to his gospel? Then give them the visitation, prophecy, Mary-focused, and children-prepared emphasis of Luke’s opening chapters. Lastly, preach from John 1:1-18.

2. Use other New Testament passages that explain the Incarnation and Christ’s mission to the world.

What did the preachers of Acts say about why Christ was sent into the world? What about Paul’s explanation of the timing of it all in Galatians 4?

3. Tap into Old Testament prophecy.

Use Isaiah 9:6-7 or Micah 5:2. Help people understand those texts and others like them in their context. What were the Jews waiting for when the first Christmas dawned?

People know the carols. Consider helping them understand the richness of the second verse of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”

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