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‘Tis the Season to Fight Sex Trafficking

As we approach the holiday season and the Super Bowl, it’s essential to remember that human trafficking doesn’t take a break.

Out of the Shadows

Church Hosts Human-Trafficking Forum

Breaking the Cycle of Human Trafficking

How churches and advocacy organizations are partnering to address the problem of human trafficking.

The Problem in Our Backyard

What churches need to know about modern day slavery and what they can do to fight it.

Soulfires: Following the Heart of Christ to Honduras

The astounding story of Gracie Murphree's journey from freelance writer in Alabama to chief of special crimes in Talanga.

Raleigh Sadler: Vulnerable

Rethinking Human Trafficking

God Sustains Us When We Help the Vulnerable

God does not promise that caring for vulnerable people will always be safe, but he is always with you.

Why We Need to Watch How We Talk About Trafficking

Sensationalism is undermining the honest efforts of people and organizations trying to end human trafficking.