Tag: Hugh Halter

How to Thrive in Bivocational Ministry

Hint: It's not doing two things poorly.

Think Outside the Box: What Would God Plant?

Doing church in the traditional way may not be good enough in the mission context in which we're living.

Redeeming Post Commons

Hugh Halter revitalizes Alton, Illinois, with nothing but an old post office.

Cockroaches and the Coronavirus

The church works best when it's decentralized and missional.

The Mysterious Mandate of ‘Small Discipleship’

The kingdom of God grows through the practice of discipling a small group of people, which requires time and patience.

Get Out There in Public Spaces

"The public space is a space God inhabits, and he always shows up there because he’s always there."

Hugh Halter: The Power of Incarnational Ministry

"Jesus was a man of the people because he would rather bring healing to the sick than go to church on Sunday."

The Why of What We Do

The way of Jesus was to include people in his life and then help them understand it later.