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An Ordinary Life of Worship

The routes we walk—rhythms of embodied presence and prayerful listening to the small world outside our front door— help me to notice the small, and not-so-small, shifts in our season of life.

Tamara Hill Murphy

When we seek God, we discover that—through the invitations of Jesus—God’s love sought and found us first.

Carlene Hill Byron: Not Quite Fine

Mental Health, Faith and Showing Up for One Another

Healing the Racial Divide

My Top 5 Books on Race

The Need for Love in Our Political Action

The difficult ways our faith must shape our politics

Drew Hart: Igniting Activism for God’s Justice, Love and Deliverance

An interview with Drew Hart, author of 'Who Will Be a Witness' (Herald Press)

Michael McRay: I Am Not Your Enemy

Stories to Transform a Divided World (Herald Press)

Choosing Hope in the Midst of Despair

Stories are key to saving us from ourselves.