Tag: Great Commission

Keeping Our Eyes on the Mission in Divided Times

No matter what's going on, the Great Commission is still our mission on earth.

Why Accepting Jesus Means Accepting His Mission

What it means to be a follower of Christ

Why You Are Already a Sending Church

Jesus' Great Commission to make disciples to the ends of the earth starts in your community.

More Than Getting Them to Church

It is our faith that unites us to other believers. We ought to be tethered together, invested in each other’s lives, and care for the faith of one another further than our conversion stories.

The Limitations of a ‘Finish the Task’ Perspective on Missions

Are we pursuing global missions with the right motivations?

Churches Stuck in a Bubble — And Don’t Go

It’s just uncomfortable to be outside the bubble. Honestly, it’s just easier to hang out with other believers who think like we do, talk like we do, and act like we do. Outside the bubble is a different world.

A Conversation With Steve Richardson

Jesus commissioned his people to bless the nations. Even in traditional cultures, I’ve never personally met someone who wished missionaries hadn’t come. I’ve met thousands of people who are thrilled that missionaries brought a message of salvation and hope.

Rekindling a Passion for Missions

Though our society now is ambivalent about missions, the Great Commission compels us to keep going and sending.