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Greet One Another With the Good News

In two words, this is the gospel: Grace and peace. And these two words are a good reminder for my soul today.

Driven by God’s Promises

To trust God is to distrust every other promise maker.

Be a Conduit of God’s Grace

Small acts and kind words have a huge redemptive impact

How Should We Respond When a Leader Falls?

Balancing the need for accountability and redemption.

What We Need to Know About God’s Mercy and Grace

The gospel speaks hope to hopeless people, struggling to be good enough, hungry for grace and mercy.

Why It’s Not Too Late to Finish Well

You don’t have to be controlled by your past mistakes.

Everyday Grace

The simple rhythms of serving the ones with whom we live

A Relentless Grace

Seeking out others to receive what we have experienced ourselves.