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How Do We Navigate a Digital-Media World With Teenagers?

"Together we can forge a hopeful path on which digital media is neither a savior nor an enemy, but a companion."

Confessions of a Reluctant Evangelical

"Just as I did not choose my blood family, I did not decide who would come into this space of grace and peace through Christ."

Albert Tate: ‘Don’t Buy the Fake News of the World’

Albert Tate, lead pastor of Fellowship Monrovia in Southern California, talks personal authenticity in leadership.

Where Do 20-Somethings Fit in Our World—and in the Church—Today?

"When we accuse young people of 'leaving church,' we often misinterpret what might actually be occurring."

Bono and David Taylor: Beyond the Psalms

In a five-part video series, musician Bono shares about how much the Psalms have influenced him.

Finding Your Leadership Voice in the Church and in the World

“I tell others who question their leadership: ‘Look at your life, look at the fruit, and let that speak for itself.’”