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How Do God’s Gifts Affect Your Leadership?

Every leader has a leadership “Achilles heel,” a weakness that challenges overall strength. What’s yours? You need to know, (the devil already knows) so you can stand firm.

Being a Particular People

Excerpted From 'Analog Christian' (IVP)

Let There Be Laughter

Are we downplaying the unbridled joy of our faith?

3 Difficult Things Christians Learn to Love

Loving these things doesn’t come naturally, but is a work of the Spirit.

Want to Be Fruitful? Look to Your Roots

Worldly success can be misleading, and the type of success you end up with is defined by the level of your rootedness in God.

3 Ways to Develop Self-Control

Self-control is essential for every leader. Without it you won't make it very far. Here are ways to cultivate it.

10 Steps Toward Self-Control

It can be hard to gauge if your growing in self-control; here, from Proverbs, are 10 characteristics of people who demonstrate it.