Tag: From the Front Lines

Experience > Explanation: A Formula for Evangelism

"People aren’t going to remember the facts I tell them; they’re going to remember the experiences they have."

3 Reasons Small Churches Should Give to Missions

"In the same way God blesses people who give faithfully, God blesses churches that do the same."

3 Keys to Difficult Conversations in Ministry

"These are hard conversations to have. But when we speak truth in love, we are doing what Jesus asks."

4 Small-Church Strategies to Maximize Your Community Impact

"We need to quit thinking that we have less to offer because we don’t have as many people or dollars as we would like to have."

The Difference Between Church Members and Chicken

"I’m learning that systems are good … for preparing chicken. But systems have to include freedom when dealing with people."

3 Principles for Launching a Volunteer Leadership Pipeline

"Here are three principles and accompanying questions for getting started with volunteer leaders."

Why Churches Need to Take Time to Celebrate

"Celebrating and remembering God’s faithfulness should always encourage us to keep going, to strive as one running a race."

Data Tells a Story … Why Churches Should Track Everything

"We keep track of how big the offering is. We keep good track of attendance. But we honestly don’t use data well."