5 Barriers to Church Growth

How to identify and break through the top five church growth barriers, no matter what your church size.

Is Church Growth Always Good?

"While in many cases, growth can be the byproduct of health and right focus, it is not always the best litmus test."

Can We Really Change the World?

Only God can fix the world; but as we fulfill our calling and carry God’s good news of salvation, healing and justice into the world, we become a very real part of changing it.

When the Church Is Working Right

"No other organization on earth is like the church. Nothing even comes close."

Am I My City’s Keeper?

“The world is confused when they see a church that claims to follow Jesus but is not actually doing much of what Jesus did.”

Is Your Church a Safe Place for People With Same-Sex Attraction?

"Step one is to realize that you already have church members who experience same-sex attraction."

3 Signs of a Healthy Church Transition

Pete Scazzero: "The entire Christian life is about trusting Jesus. This is the primary work God has called all of us to do."

Why a 1-Hour Church Service Isn’t Enough

"People are not experiencing deep transformation in our churches. Can we do discipleship in an hour? I don’t think so."

5 Ways Church Leaders Grasp Momentum

"Momentum is not a mystery—it contains elements like vision and competence, but it cannot be manufactured upon demand."

7 Steps to Reviving a Small-Town Church

"Preach the gospel. Build the church. There is strength and influence in numbers."