What Should We Expect From Preaching?

There are several common misunderstandings about preaching. Here are four principles that help bring clarity.

5 Questions Every Church Must Ask

For our churches to have a future, we must be willing to ask ourselves these foundational questions.

The Power of Small

Reimagining the Advantages of a Small Church
small church after the pandemic

From the Small-Church Front Lines

A Scouting Report From Small Church Pastors

11 Things That Hinder Discipleship in a Church

Common obstacles church leaders must pay attention to

How to Reverse Declining Volunteer Numbers

5 tips for recruiting more people for your church’s ministries

Small Church, Big Potential

It's the nature of God to use small things for his glory

3 Advantages of a Small Church

Jesus is about mission, not church size.

A Small Church Revitalization Story

How Northwest Church in Mt. Prospect came back to life
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