Is It About Marketing? Or Reputation?

Thomas G. Bandy: "If you want to reach postmodern seekers, you have to think about reputation rather than marketing."

Cost-Effective Ways to Raise Your Visibility

Let It Shine: "This is not only a cost-effective strategy for raising a church’s visibility, but a sustainable one that God honors."

6 Questions to Ask Before Planning a Mission Trip

Planning a mission trip or service project? Want to make sure you are helping rather than hurting? Ask these questions.

7 Questions for Community Engagement

Does your church have a front porch, and other questions to ask yourself

Course Corrections for Life and Ministry

Wisdom and insight gained from 40 years of prayer and listening to God

Stop Talking Yourself Out of Evangelism

"'Preach the gospel; when necessary, use words'; is a lot like saying, 'Feed the hungry; when necessary, use food.'"

Outreach vs. Evangelism: How to Tell the Difference

"We must not confuse outreach with evangelism."

3 Crucial Principles of Discipleship

Brad Powell: "There is no 'best model' for making disciples. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise."

Soulfires: The Make Good

"Joseph's heart called out, 'If you look down and see something in me that you still want, please save me, and I will give you my life.'"

Why the Metric for Love Is Sacrifice

"Our culture’s concept of love is primarily self-driven and pleasure-seeking. Jesus’ love expects and anticipates sacrifice."