Hiring in the Middle of COVID

Even though we have been in a months-long pandemic, some churches are in a good place financially. Giving has been good, they’ve been cutting expenses and now they are ready to hire. But during this season of COVID, there are unique circumstances that should be considered when it comes to hiring practices.


Whether it’s a staff member, a volunteer role, a coach, a ministry director, or a leadership role, all of your roles need a short-term and mid-term audit in light of COVID implications. When you are ready to hire, this will ensure you know what you are looking for. Make sure that the new hire’s skill set matches what you think you will need as things have shifted. Don’t assume that you need to just fill a role that is empty based on your previous ministry plans. Consider first how your ministry plans have shifted as you make your hiring plans. The longer this season goes on, the more permanent this new normal will become.


Hiring the person, not the position, means that you are hiring an effective leader that has transferable skills. If someone is good at one job at a director level, they should be able to switch to a different ministry role with a high level of competence. In an ever-changing world of ministry, hiring the person who is a good human capital developer, has strategy, is good at managing talent, and reasonable at execution is the proficiency you want in a leader. Strongly consider the person over the position in this context. Be sure the person is experienced in Ephesians 4 and can show you the fruit of their ministry. The line of questioning should be more about who they have developed than what they’ve done.


As you look for someone for your open role, does that person have a love for the church and a love for the city and community you are ministering to? Do they have a calling? Not necessarily to your specific church, but has God led them to the job and to the city your church is reaching?


One final thing to consider is if the spouse and family are on board. You aren’t hiring the spouse for specific duties, but the family does have a bearing on their ministry. Does the family feel called to be a part of the church family, or is it just a job? Does the family feel like the church also gives them an opportunity to use the gifts God has given them? A spouse and a family that is supportive creates a multiplier and a catalyst within the church.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 516: Hiring Practices During COVID-19. Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


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