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Study: Which Generation’s Faith Was Most Altered by the Pandemic?

Related studies conducted by the Cultural Research Center during the pandemic suggest that the Millennials’ rejection of biblical Christianity did not serve them well. Three-quarters reported lacking purpose and meaning in life.

Churches Still Recovering From Pandemic Losses

More than 8 in 10 churches have an attendance of at least half of what it was prior to the pandemic.

12 Traits of Churches Doing Well During the Pandemic

How Churches Are Beginning to Grow, Gain Momentum and See New Possibilities

Envisioning the Post-Virus Church

If we are to extend the hope of the world, we must understand how the world is changing.

The Antifragile Church

What does it really mean that the church exists for mission?

Responding to the Ravages of COVID in India

Shedding light on the incredible need for relief and the gospel

Get a Shot for Your Neighbor

If not for yourself, get the vaccine out of love for your neighbor.