A Better Alternative to Hiring More Full-Time Staff

Hiring short-term freelancers and consultants for some tasks may actually be better.

As churches and ministries grow, most pastors and leaders are convinced they need to hire more full-time employees. Perhaps it’s the security of having the team around all the time, or maybe it’s a loyalty issue, or perhaps it’s the mistaken idea that to understand the DNA of an organization you have to be there full-time. Whatever it is, thinking only in terms of full-time employees hurts the organization and can actually hold it back.

The truth is, you can often get far more qualified people by thinking about freelancers or consultants than you can hiring additional full-time staffers. Freelancers and consultants have that job for a reason—they’re good enough and have risen to a professional level that multiple organizations want them, so they have the opportunity impact more than one team. Plus, in many positions you don’t really need a full-time employee as much as you think. For instance, do you really need full-time people in areas like:

Graphic design?
Video production?
Video post-production?
Donor Development?
Audio production?

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Pastors and leaders—start thinking more in terms of how temporary or part-time employees could bring an entirely new level of expertise to your situation. Why pay full-time benefits and salaries for what could be a short-term need?

Freelancers or consultants just might be your answer.

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This article originally appeared on PhilCooke.com and is reposted here by permission.

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